Monday, August 04, 2008

Neighborhood Hike

This morning I loaded the kids up in the stroller and went out on a neighborhood hike. We started down at the lake, to feed the ducks. When we ran out of bread, and the ducks were still hungry we decided it was a good time to continue on to the playground. We played for a while, but since it is 200degrees today, we didnt stay too long, so we headed out back to the house for a popsicle. I brought the camera along, so here are the pics!

Feeding Frenzy...seriously, it got a little scary.

Harper chased this poor duck EVERYWHERE

Just like the Pied Piper did it...

Peek a boo~

Thats some serious Cheese!

2 Peas in a Pod


Popsicle time!

They sat in the respective chairs according to the color of their popsicle! (Max's idea of course!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tina.....The Ballarina.....!

Well, unless you are either one of my sisters, or parents, you will probably not understand the "tina the ballarina" title. And if you are, then I hope the little diddy is stuck in your head as it has been in mine all afternoon! Anyway...... Occasionally Harper will ask to put on one of Max's costumes, like Buzz Light Year, or one of the Incredibles; and by ask, I mean hold it up and grunt until we put it on her. And lately in the mornings when I am getting her dressed, i hold up a series of outfits to each she responds, "nooooo" until I get to the one she feels like wearing, to which she giggles. Today, however, for the first time, she wanted to "dress up" in her tutu that my mom made for her 1st Birthday. The funny thing is, before she would let me put it on her, she opened up her drawer containing all of her socks and tights, and picked out a perfect pair of pink tights to go with it. How she knows to associate the two, I have no idea, but thank goodness the camera batteries were charged! Here is pretty much her "routine" once I got everything on her. (including a hairbow of course!)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Max's 4th Birthday~Part 2 (Sunday, July 13)

Even though Max's birthday isnt acutally until the 15th, we celebrated on Sunday with Nana and Bapa. Complete with Birthday Steak, Pirate Cake, and Presents! Max had quite the birthday list consisting of "kitchen stuff", "doctor stuff," drums, guitar, and "racecar stuff". He got all of it and more! Thanks everybody!

Happy Birthday To You...

He helped make his own cake! (or at least helped lick it) Another Year, another make-shift pirate cake by mommy.

Make a Wish!!!

Presents! Thank You Everybody!

Drum Set

We got Max a digital drum set. Harper thinks we got her one too.

Max's 1st Real Guitar!

He can't wait for Aunt Jess and Muncle Chad to teach him how to play!

Max's 4th Birthday~ Part 1 (Saturday, Jul. 12)

Instead of a party this year, Max chose to go to Frankie's Fun Park for the day. It was well worth it- this place had everything: Go karts, Putt Putt, Bumper Boats, an arcade, laser tag, a fun house, and a snack bar. We were there for almost 4 hours! Max had a blast, and hasnt stopped talking about it yet!

GO Karts!